Monday, April 29, 2013


Ahhhh Friendship! The other day I was reading Gwyneth´s post about friendship (Yes, I read GOOP) and how can we act and learn about friends who were part of our lives and now it seems they are no longer committed to the relationship. And I start thinking about some people who for an amount of time, were part of my life and suddenly I stop having them with me. It´s sad for all of us, yes, but sooner or later, you´ll realize that they are maybe not with you for a reason, sometimes for good, others for bad. But what about those who, no matter the distance, you are always with them, and thanks to technology, which I am starting to hate for other reasons, we can always be a call from distance, ok, maybe just a text from distance.

I love my friends, but sometimes I´m not a good friend as I am supposed to be for them. Is there a type of BFF? If so, I´ll put myself in the "Far Away BFF" because some of my closests don´t live near with me, but for others, i´ll be the "Crazy BFF", the one who nobody knows what I´m talking about. You know? Like in Friends, I´m not as boring as Ross, but sometimes I feel like I am talking about dinosaurs or something. 

I was watching a Girls episode the other day, the one when Hannah receive a call from Marnie, and she pretends to be fine, but she was not. And that´s the thing I like about friendship. Because your really good friends don´t judge you, and are always aware if you are being honest with them. Unless they are "frenemys". 

That´s another story that has been in my head for days, cause I didn´t realize I have a frenemy, until recently. But that´s for another post. So, just in case some of my friends read this, want to let you know that yes, I will always be there for you, even though I don´t text you often.

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