Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Met Gala 2013

The Met Gala turned out to be the event of the year, and we are in May, how about that! I still can´t believe the amount of stars that went to the Gala. Who would thought that there would be an event were super famous stars like Kylie Minogue and Renee Zellweger would hardly been noticed (I didn´t knew they attended the Gala until today). Actually, the correct question was: Who was not there? According to my whatsapp conversation with my friend, we agree that aside from Gaga, Bieber and Rihanna, everyone else was there. 

Now, the dresses. The Met is THE red carpet of red carpets, simply because it moves around fashion, different from big red carpets like the Oscars. And for years, we have seen big movie or music stars walking next to the designer of the dress they are wearing. But what was new in this last gala? 

The answer is MODA OPERANDI. Haven´t you heard something like: You see her dress? How much could that cost? I would die to wear something like that!  Sounds familiar, doesn´t it? Well, if you happen to have a huge amount of savings, Moda Operandi can now help you with all those dramas you once experienced and are now part of the past.

They put the way to buy high fashion to the next level. You are now able to pre-order the exactly same look that, let´s say, Emma Watson wore. You love Gisele? You can now order her Anthony Vaccarello dress. Now there´s no reason to make those inspiration "Get the look" to seem you are on trend, no no, now you can "literally" GET the look.

And no wonder, these MO girls were my favorite. LSD in Dolce and Gabbana, TTH in Thom Browne, Indre Rockefeller looking amazing in that Delpozo gown, who also did the Kate Mara strapless dress. Of course, the classics made their appearance: SJP, Beyoncé, Madonna. Oh and I have no words to describe Rooney Mara. She looks stunning.

So, the Met Gala gave us a lot of material to talk about for at least a month, doesn´t it?

Illustrations by me.

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