Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Online Privacy

There is a subject of matter, that has been in my head for quite a time. Online Privacy. You´ll see, I started liking the idea of being able to know when someone got the message I send, like in Blackberry. But then, the thing moves to whatsapp, you were able to know when the other person you were talking to, was receiving your text. The thing was going well, but then, you know,it was all over social media and devices. On imessage and facebook. You receive an inbox, and people know when you read it. C´mon, I don´t want that. The shocking moment for me, was when this happened one morning in whatsapp:

9:50 am
Me: I need some coffee. Zzz
Friend: I know, me too. Btw, who were u talking to last night. At 1 am? On a Tuesday? 
Me: What? Me? But wait, how do you know that?
Friend: I was checking here (whatsapp) if there was anyone awake.
Me: How can you do that?
Friend: Duh, just read the "Last seen" sentence on any contact you have.
Me: I´m about to die. This is too much.

So yeah, I wasn´t aware that people could know that. The worst part of this, was that I was not even talking to someone, I wake up becase some message about updating whatsapp was vibrating on my phone. How pathetic!

In some cases, the thing can go further. It becomes kinda anxious. Like, Why is not reading my messages? Why is not replying my texts? Is ignoring me! And all of that. Sounds familiar, right?

We all know Facebook is crazy-crazy in matters of privacy. But now we can´t avoid messages pleasantly. What´s the next step? People knowing what face we put when we receive their messages? This has to stop! What happened to the time when you could chat on Messenger and put yourself "Not available" to don´t get bothered but still watch who was online.

We need to get our privacy back.

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