Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vida Funky Magazine

I usually get excited every time a month begins; the first week of every month is when I go to buy all the new magazines I usually read (I´m a fool that haven’t subscribe to any of them, even when it represents saving money). But this time, there was a new one, it really got my attention immediately, if they use bright colors to get attention and a mix of psychological theory for getting customers, it works! It´s Vida Funky Magazine and I must say it is a really cool magazine; I love the editorials, and the language they use, very funky.

Can’t wait to get number two.

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1 comment:

  1. GRACIAS por tu comentario, en efecto, muy FUNKY! Confieso que lo que hacemos nace de la pasión, por lo que, aunque los tiempos vengan "duros y tupidos", nos mantiene con ganas de seguir arriesgando en esta VIDA FUNKY que nos tocó vivir. Esperamos conocerte pronto! LINA