Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sartorialist

Some of you may know, that in Mexico, many things are so hard to get. Specially when it comes to fashion and trendy items. That´s why you should understand my emotion when i got (finally) my Sartorialist book. I know it was released last year but until yesterday I had the opportunity to read it and check out the great pictures I always loved in Scott Schuman blog.

About Julie, the girl of the cover of the book:

In a world of fashion that celebrates a certain kind of beauty, I have so much respect for the people who don´t let their non-fashion-world physique stand in the way of expressing the beautiful person that they know themselves to be. I find that type of inner strength the most captivating of all, and it is a major reason why Julie is on the cover of this book.

My favorite looks:


  1. guau!!! que interesante, a mi me encanta el blog, pero el libro debe ser sensacional, un beso y gracias por pasrate por el blog, abrazos

  2. Que envidia! Te juro que a mi me pasa igual, hay millones de libros que muero por comprar pero simplemente no los encuentras en México, entonces es la espera infinita para comprarlo por internet! jaja
    Que padre que te llego tu sartorialist, es un sueño de libro!

  3. Ame este libro!!! la historia del Homeless man!!! ame los looks de giovanna, kate como tres veces!! Coco Rocha, Lara stone y jesscia Stam... y ay aparece una chava que estubo en America's next top model.. fue un poko raro ver eso pero si LIBRO DE COLECCION!! heart your blog!!