Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Nylon Affair

It was 2 years ago, I read for the first time a Nylon Magazine, it was an American Nylon issue that one friend got it in a trip to New York, and there were many factors that caught my attention, the colors, the paper, a shoot of two girls in a Lounge, and I remember I was impressed about this edgy magazine. It was very cool. Then in September 2009 I was in the supermarket with two friends and saw a single Nylon issue over a chair, I opened it and then I thought: OMG! There´s Nylon in Mexico, but unfortunately, that issue was not number one, so I was like: You´re the last one to know that! My friend, who is far away from the fashion industry and is less than bored with magazines bought it for me. That was the moment when my Nylon Affair began.

My first issue

Since then, I have bought it every month, and I must confess I love it more and more, and enjoy the mix of edge and fashion they turn in every page. The editorials are most of the time, very good! And in 10 issues there has been only two times were I was thinking: What were they thinking? Then again, the mexican group of Nylon is making a very good job by keeping the spirit of the magazine. Bravo!

Vera Felix, editor of Nylon Mexico:

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