Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gala is Love

Let me introduce you to Michell, a Mexican jewelry designer from Tijuana, and responsible of Gala is Love jewelry line. She answered some questions I asked her. Her designs are A-MA-ZING!!!! It is love at first sight. In a country where there is not often to see jewelry designers, she is making an statement and making her line a success.
Getting inspired by owls and different garments, I just couldn´t help but notice how original and faboulous are her designs.
It all began with quartz, her mother gave to her, and she customized it into rings, now she is on her way to improving the PR of the line, more (and naughty) pieces for the new collection and making a collaboration to a New York jewelry line.

What inspires you?  Books! For example The Little Prince, this was the first piece of my collection. I get inspire by traveling, like the chain earrings I made after I saw some of them in a church in Spain, and the Love Me Two Times ring was inspired by the song of The Doors. But the main inspiration of Gala is Love is by thinking the people is wearing it, for me it is important the person who is wearing it feels amazing, that is Gala is Love: making everyone beautiful!!
What is your opinion about jewelry in Mexico? And who are your favorite jewelers?
Where I came from, there are not many designers and jewelers, so we have to put attention on designers in the US , but when I arrive to Mexico City I found a lot of people doing jewelry. I love the silver jewelry work of Giovanni Esteban del Montserrat.
What do you think of fashion blogs?
I´m a blog junkie!!!! I read religiously many blogs like The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, Jak and Jil, Sea of Shoes, and so many others. I have to log in Blog Lovin to keep control of the ones I´m reading.

My favorite, favorite favoriiiiiiiitee!!!
The Owl: 
(PS. Michell if you have an extra owl for me, please dont hesitate to give it 2 me! jajaja)

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  1. yay! for this post I really can't wait to see more from Michell, she's so talented and such a lovely girl.

    p.s. my fav is the owl as well.

  2. BELLEZA!! it's so great to have such a talented designer come from Tijuana! the jewelry line is amazing and my favorite is El Principito!

  3. ame el post kiero un anillo de corazon yaa!!!