Thursday, September 1, 2011

Karla Martinez Interview

Siguiendo con las historias de éxito y logros en escenas tan difíciles y competitivas como lo es Nueva York, la de Karla Martinez es una historia de triunfo. La actual Fashion Market and Accesories Director de la revista W, nos dice un poco de cómo nace su interés en la moda, su opinión sobre la influencia latina, y cómo entre otros proyectos tiene en colaboración la marca de loungewear Piamita. Entre las personas con las que ha trabajado directamente están Nina Garcia, Virginia Smith, Elissa Santisi y actualmente con Stefano Tonchi. Si no bastara con una increíble trayectoria en la moda, entre lo que se incluye vivir en Paris, Karla es parte fundamental de Project Paz, una fundación que apoya a víctimas de violencia en Ciudad Juarez. ¿Se puede pedir algo más? Karla engloba todo lo que una mujer anhela. La entrevista está en spanglish a manera de reflejar la escencia de Karla.

Karla, ¿Cómo y cuando nace tu interés en la moda?
I knew I loved fashion since I was a young girl when I moved from Memphis, Tenn to El Paso. I had an older sister who sparked my interest in fashion when I would watch her hang out with her friends who were always cooler than I was (or so I thought!). My aunts in Mexico were always dressed up and loved the latest fashions – it was fun to watch them when I went to San Luis to visit my father’s family.

¿Qué representa la moda en tu vida?
Fashion to me has always been important – it is a way to express yourself  and to be the cut of a dress and the intricacy of a fabric and the way it all comes together is really an art form. Its a way to live in a dream in a way. I remember going to see my parents family in Mexico and women always being so mindful of wearing the right dress with the right shoe and always being impeccably groomed which shows that you  are and want to make a statement. 

¿Quiénes son tus diseñadores latinoamericanos favoritos? 
Mis disenadores favorites latinos son las hermanas Stephens que disenan Anndra Neen, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez, Maria Cornejo, Christian Cota. Tambien de Mexico me gusta mucho las bolsas PANTERA y la disenadora Clara Gonzalez.

¿Hacia dónde se dirige la moda latinoamericana? 
I think it goes after the glamorous woman in Latin America – like in Mexico in Latin America women don’t leave their houses in tracksuits – they dress up to go to the super market. Everything is a special occasion – I think these designers have these women in mind.

¿Qué opinas de latinos como Christian Cota o Carlos Campos teniendo éxito en NY? 
Increible por los dos – los felicito mucho – no es facil pero no por cuestion de ser Latinos si no porque se necesita mucho apoyo financiero para poder hacer una coleccion y ser exitoso aqui

¿Qué opinas de que gracias a Vogue México tengamos el primer FNO este Septiembre? 
Me alegro mucho por Mexico – espero la gente realmente compre y no solo vaya porque hay fiesta – necesitamos usar esa noche para realmente generar ventas.

Desde tu punto de vista ¿Qué necesita un nuevo diseñador para ser exitoso? 
I think it is important for designers to understand who they want to design for and be true to their  customer. They need to have mentors that help guide them thru all of the steps that it takes to form a company. I think now it is important to have solid financial planning – there aren’t that many people that are just willing to fund new fashion lines anymore so its important to have a good base from the start. Know what the new generation wants and how they are shopping. 

¿Hay algo que NO te guste o que desearías cambiar de la industria?  Also I would bring more diversity into modeling – it is great to see a Latin model or a woman and not just girls who all look the same. I would really try and help the anorexia problem that is rampant across the modeling industry – every year they try and fight it but the girls seems to get skinnier every season. 

Cuéntanos sobre Piamita. ¿Porqué, cuándo y cómo surge? 
I love pajamas and loungewear, one day while talking to my partner Cecilia de Sola from El Salvador (now living in Chile) we were talking about how elegant our grandmothers and great aunts wore even while at home lounging around or entertaining at home and the idea was born. We decided to start a line to fill a void in the market for luxurious and comfortably chic clothes to lounge around in. The idea is to be able to leave your house wearing these things and still look great, not like you just left yoga or an exercise class. Not every woman wants to wear a track suit – so with Piamita she has a chic alternative.

Project Paz ¿Porqué Ciudad Juárez? 
Project Paz was the creation of 17 friends and myself from the Juarez/El Paso area. Last year a couple we knew was brutally murdered before they were about to cross the bridge back to El Paso, this is just one of the awful stories that we heard of that compelled us to act and make a difference. we decided to start an organization that gives people in a Juarez a chance for peace and make a difference in their lives. We are all from this area – we all called Juarez home and enjoyed growing up in the area and its really sad to see the damage the violence has done to the city and to people’s spirit.  

Por último ¿Qué consejo le darías a los latinoamericanos que aspiran con tener éxito en una ciudad como NY? 
I think it is important to believe in yourself and never lose site of where you came from – dream big and go for it. Set your goals and take it step by step. Mi papá me dijo que es importante no comerte el postre antes de la comida.

Michelle Harper, Christian Cota, Karla Martinez, Valeria Boster y Gabriel Rivera Barraza.
FOTO: Latin Fashion News.

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