Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have already talked to you about Dezso and the amazing Sara Beltrán. Now, it´s time for her latest collection. And let me tell you, it is so inspirational. As you know, Dezso is all about peace, and a very relaxed mood and for her presentation in New York called "Nahual", she stated India as being part of her, and it´s on every detail of the jewelry. 

Here is part of the inspiration for Sara. 
Nahual represents our deepest part, the one that remains unseen. It is the fragment of our soul that is more in contact with nature. It is our carnal side. It is the carnal side of us that allows us to deepen our senses. It is an ally to our soul and it remains with us for life. It teaches us to go back to our nature and keeps us from danger. India is that magic creature that chose Sara to stay with her. For Sara, “Nahual” is about the relationship between her and India: the link and the deepest world inside of her.

Don´t you love it?

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