Wednesday, December 26, 2012


They say: “The greatest ideas are the simplest.” Also I read that Leonardo Da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Was it true? Don´t know, ... but Ok, enough with the inspirational quotes. (Which I found very cheesy, but they are all over my timeline). 

So the point is, as you can read, THE LOOKS!!! Which looks? The ones that are very trendy and chic (?), but not very appropiate to use, unless you´re Ryan Gosling (??). The risky looks, as I call them. What is it with guys that feel coming out from a GQ cover? I´m all into the -IDON´TGIVEASH*T about what people think about me- way of thinking, but c´mon there are certain ways to wear trends. Black velvet blazer with red sweater and dark green bow tie? Are you Kany West?  NOOO!

So, let see...

Bow tie:  This can make you achieve a very amazing look, but you know, in NYC. But to wear bow tie buring a random fashion show, lets say, in Mexico, it can become like you are desperately to look like a Sartorialist guy, but don´t succeeded in the effort. 

No socks: We all love to see Tommy Ton´s photos during Fashion Week in Milan for example. We all feel inspired (I feel also frustrated), but there are no ways for me to look great wearing oxfords with no socks. I´m not into that trend. I think I will never be. But if you´re an italian-look man attending the Dolce and Gabbana show, you´re quite perfect for wearing no socks. 

Plaid blazer: This is really a great look BUT, just in gray. No color ever will be cool for a plaid blazer. Then again, if you happen to be a model, you can wear a purple one and you´ll be the one with the edgy yet great look of the night. 

Doc Martens: These are a huge thing. They look extremely well in almost anyone, but you have to know youself very well in order to make them your thing. Otherwise, you´ll not rock them, as they are supposed to. 

So, I hope to make my point clear. Life´s short to not surprise and take risks (cheesy quote again), but also is very short to make a fool of yourself by one look. So, whatever you like to wear it´s ok, just make sure these kind of looks need to go with simple items. Do NOT wear them together EVER! Make Leonardo DaVinci feel proud of his quote and achieve sophistication with simplicity.

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