Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Garance Doré

I must admit that I´m a completely strastruck when it comes to my idols, specially when they are people who had inspire my little journey into becoming a story teller of my ideas and perception of fashion. At the Diane Von Furstenberg show, I ran into Scott Schuman, and I wasn´t sure about asking for a photo, but then I thought "who cares?"! So, first I told him about how major The Sartoriaslit was for me during 2010 and when the boom of the bloggers became a huge thing in that time. But then, I have to be honest, I was more attracted by her girlfriend Garance Doré. Her blog is #TotesAmaze and she´s clearly so honest and gives her interpretation of the world of fashion from her perspective. Anyway after talking like 3 min with him and fooling myself we were now friends we continue doing whatever we were doing, I , for example, was taking a picture of Miroslava Duma when I saw Garance coming in a very J.Lo´s way with her entourage and cameras around her (very Lindsay) and I was like WHAT?! No chat with her? I have a crush on her! Whyyyy?! When does she become a diva? Why she´s not with Scott talking to me? Ok enough. I was very dissapointed of her, thinking how different she writes and acts at her blog. I was so sad I couldn´t at least say how obsessed I am with her PMF videos, I feel like those little girls waiting for hours for an autograph of Justin Bieber and return home very dissapointed and angry. Ok, maybe I´m exagerating, BUT (lucky for Garance( Pffff )) two weeks later I saw her Pardon my French video when she was interviewing Amanda de Cadenet and they were really into a hurry, they were going to miss the Diane´s show. So Ok Garance, I forgive you and totally understand your little Kardashian scene. Btw I made a super tiny little cameo on her video. Now I´m the lucky one. PFFF. 

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