Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kyle Anderson

We hear many things about fashion, but we rarely hear about stories of success. Kyle Anderson is one of them. There has been many myths about doing internships in fashion magazines, but in some cases like this one, we could say it has worth it. As the curent Senior Accesories Director of Elle Magazine, Kyle has become a very famous witness of the shows every season. Read the interview I did with Kyle, talking about what she dislikes from the fashion industry, some aspects we don´t know about him and knowing what inspires him and what defines his style.

Fashion and About: When did you passion for fashion was born? 

Kyle: I think there were probably a few different things that made me love fashion but one was my best friend who lived next door had a mom who was obsessed with shopping. She place a big significance what we wore and fashion in general. She was always very fashionable and we would spend all of our time- as early as elementary school- planning shopping trips. Even when we went on vacation the whole trip basically surrounded when and where we were going shopping.

FandA: What is the first memory you have in terms of fashion? 

K: Probably when my mom made me wear a light blue velvet tuxedo in a photo we took together in the early 80s. I hated it. I screamed. Now looking it it still looks awful although I Love a good velvet tuxedo I have 2 from GUCCI! My favorites. But black only please ;)

FandA:How did you start working for Elle? 

K:I moved to NY and interned for a LONG time. Over 2.5 years. I interned at Esquire, COSMOgirl, Marie Claire, Vogue and ELLE. I did some freelance work at Vanity Fair and COSMO and then ELLE asked me to freelance and it was the biggest moment of my life. A dream come true. I was supposed to freelance for 90 days but got hired after about a week. The best day of my life.

FandA:Name your 3 favorite designers and why. 

K: For FW Givenchy for their tiny influences of tough street looks especially in  their baseball caps and satin baseball coats in the women's collection. Balmain for their overly sexy edge. Versace for their rich glam style. Its funny b/c no matter who the model is, the goth model, the waif model, etc. once they are in the versace show they have this big transformation to look like a Glamazon for the show. I wanna try that one time.

FandA: If you could change something about fashion what would it be? 

K: Peoples attitudes. There are a lot of nasty people with horrible attitudes we work with. I think a lot of people who work in fashion have had experiences in their past that makes them feel like they have to prove something to someone or that they have to be better than other people or overly competitive. They need to Chillax.

FandA: You have a great style. Who or what inspires you the most? 

K: My style these days is a lot of Black leather and metal hardware. Last summer it was all military. I think im going thru a versace/givenchy period. Last summer was a Balmain period. If that makes any sense. ;)

FandA: What´s something we don´t know about you. 

K: I drink 6 cups of ice coffee everyday. Im love Ginger beer. Oh! Maybe this- I lived in korea for almost 3 years. I studied international business and finance. ;)

FandA: If you werent a senior accessories editor what would you be? 

K: Id be a dermatologist. Im really interested in skin laser things.

FandA: Who are your favorite models? 

K: Andrej pejic and Nikola Jovanovic. Its funny b/c they are both “Serbians” although andrej grew up in Australia. I shot them both in the past month and they are the best.

FandA: What is your favorite magazine? 

K: Vogue Paris b/c they inspire real fashion. Not weird crazy fashion, but they take runway clothes and mix them with street influences. They are sexy and cool. Althought it was better when carine was there.

FandA: Where do you usally go shopping? 

K: I go to Barneys NY and Bergdorfs both every week.

FandA: Any advice for people that want to become editors? 

K: Try an internship. If you still like it after a week or two then you will probably do well. Most people hate it after about 3 days. Its really physically and emotionally draining. At the end of the day I feel like im about to pass out. We do  much more than normal people are probably really supposed to do in a 8 hour work day. But its not boring and its playing with beautiful accessories. Its not bad...and be persistent. Everyone told me no. I was just lucky enough that one person gave me a chance and hired me here and supported me. I didn’t have a million people giving me opportunities- quite the opposite. Just don’t give up. Absolutely anything is possible. You have to make your life. It doesn’t just come to you.

 Some of the recent work of Kyle is for Schön! Magazine with model Andrej Pejic.

For more info about Kyle visit his blog or his twitter @KyleEditor

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