Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering Amy Winehouse

Ok. So everbody has been writng, tweeting, posting, talking about Amy during the last 2 days. So, it´s now my turn. 

I can´t remember the first time I noticed Amy, but what I remember is that I loooved Rehab, and I instlantly put it on my playlist called Not in the mood, in my ipod, I downloaded all her songs. And I still have them.  With her, Fiona Apple, Bjork and Tori Amos were constantly singing me everytime I was not feeling quite well. Or those times, when you (excuse me for saying this) are feeling like shit. 

The thing is not my moods or if she was a really good medicine for those times when you are feeling blue. The thing is HER. I couldn´t help but thinking about the similarities between her death and Alexander McQueen´s. One of the first thing I thought last Saturday was that I really think someone could have done something to avoid this. It´s the same with McQueen. There should have been someone telling them that they are not doing well. In the case of Amy someone that really love her just have said she has to stop drinking and having drugs, In Alexander´s there should have been someone supporting him and giving him therapy or something to get over the pain of loosing her mother. 

Isn´t that what we all do with our friends, our relatives, our collegues, our neighbors? Isn´t the right thing to do is help each other to feeling them better in times of pain and sadness? Well, I think that´s why I feel sorry for these people getting deeper and deeper in an abysm that no one could take out of it. 

That´s also why I feel in a way sad, for loosing talented and great people like Amy and McQueen. Imagine if we could have them still today. What great new song would she have released? What amazing new show would Alexander have make? This is something we won´t never have, so that´s the importance of having good people and souls in our lives that really see for ourselves and help us became better persons and continue having a life of success and hapiness.

By the way, because this is a fashion blog, I have to post something related to it. Karl Lagerfeld, was one of the many many fans of Amy. He felt inspired by her and also used her looks to style the models for a show for Chanel. Here are some pics. Long live Amy Winehouse !!!

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