Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Susan Tabak

If there is someone that can represent the word "chic" in person is she. Susan Tabak, one of the first in Fashion to start tweeting in the shows what was happening on the runways at the moment. She is pioneer and was named the #1 twitereer in fashion shows. Also, now as CEO of SusanTabak.com is launching her first fragance, in order to become an entrepreneur. You can easily find her in the best boutiques of Paris, or partying with Bryanboy, she is just the kind of person you want to be. I find Susan a very passionate woman that really embrace what the word fashionista means. She tell us what is the most memorable experiencie she ever had during all this years of fashion. Find out more in this interview.

Fashion and About:  How did you start to get involved in the fashion industry?
Susan Tabak: I've always loved fashion, but my business began about 10 years ago when I started Paris Personal Shopper, taking clients on shopping trips to Paris. Then I wrote a book called CHIC IN PARIS, which became an international success. It's been an an evolution–one thing leading to another–to the point where I'm now the CEO of SusanTabak.com, a growing, global media company.

F&A How important is fashion in your life?
ST: What can I say? I love fashion and never tire of it!

F&A: Define style.
ST: Style is about personal expression. Don't be a fashion victim–stay true to yourself.

F&A: What inspires you when choosing your outfits?
ST: I love to travel so most of my inspiration comes from shopping in other countries.

F&A: What is the best thing about fashion?
ST: One of the best things about fashion is how your choice of what to wear really affects how you present yourself, and how people perceive you. Your clothes are the first thing people see. And I love discovering new designers who see things differently. I'm always looking for the exceptional.

F&A: Which has been the most memorable experiencie for you in all these years of attending fashion shows?
ST: Probably the most memorable experience was attending John Galliano's last show.

F&A: You were a pioneer on Twitter to write about what was happening on the catwalks at the moment. What made you start tweeting at the fashion shows?
ST: Yes, I was named the #1 fashion twittierer by the London Times. I love sharing what I see with my readers and followers–and with Twitter, it's instantaneous! My followers love it.

F&A: Tell us about your fragance and how you decided to launch it?
ST: My fragrance came about through a chance encounter. I met the owner of Quintessence Paris at a cocktail reception for Claude Lalanne candles in New York. She and I hit it off, met again in Paris and decided to work together to create a fragrance. It's been a fabulous partnership.

F&A: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Mexico? Do you know anything about Mexican fashion?
ST: I've only been to Mexico once, and that was a long time ago–but I'm going back this October for a wedding. I really don't know much about the country's fashion industry, but would love to learn.

F&A: To finish–what advice can you give to young people who want to become fashion designers?
ST: My advice to young designers is to always follow your passion. That's what I've done, and it's been rewarding. Hard work pays off!

Follow Susan in Twitter : @Susan_tabak

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