Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rachel Zoe New Line

Ok, so it was not a shocker when Rachel Zoe announced she was going to launch a clothing line. What really was a shocker, at least for me, was that such a great stylist cannot decide to made clothes edgy and stunning as she usually make her clients use. The line is so far, what Rachel Zoe is, this studio 54 esque-boho-chic-girl who loves vintage and has a lot of money to spend in clothes. But really I don´t find this collection too amazing. It´s like watching her again and again. Would be nice to see more inspiration rather than the Halston looks who we all know very well.


  1. NO, not at all! Surprising, actually... mala creaciĆ³n.

  2. me gusta mas rachel zoe como estilista que en su faceta de diseƱadora, la ropa deja mucho que desear