Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quien Cover Controversy

The last issue of Quien Magazine is causing such a controversy in Mexico, by putting mexican designer Macario Jimenez and his boyfriend Fernando Raphael in its cover, as one of the most attractive couples in Mexico. Indeed, I believe that those who feel  offended, they have to see beyond their own  opinions and prejudices and consider a fact that exists and is part of our lives. What offends them? Two people who love? Believe me, we have many more things for concern. And like Pedro Almodovar once said, Mexico is a very macho country, yet very gay. 
However, I agree that those who celebrate this magazine will be people passionate about fashion, as we have seen what British and U.S.magazines have done with the likes of Tom Ford and his boyfriend, or Marc Jacobs and his husband. So is no surprise to see gay couples in fashion magazine covers. Of course most people in Mexico does not read Out magazine or Dazed and Confused.
So, I urge you to release and hold your prejudices and celebrate Love and also one of the most talented designers Mexico has offered in the last years. Bravo for Macario and Bravo for Quien Magazine.

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