Friday, February 25, 2011

Galliano Suspended from Dior

So, by now, we all are aware what happened, weel, at least part of it. We all have heard about the suspention of John Galliano from the Dior House. So far, I could say I completely agree with Scott Schuman opinion, writed in his blog. I share it as part of my self compation and opinion in this sad event.

John Galliano Suspended! So by now you have all heard the news. Dior has suspended John Galliano while they investigate the alleged anti-Semitic remarks that landed the designer in jail last night. So, I understand and agree with the Dior zero-tolerence policy regarding race and religion, but isn't suspending someone based solely on allegation a little hasty? I thought that, even in Paris, you're considered innocent till proven guilty. I always say that sports are so much more evolved in this type of situation than the fashion industry. In sports, when an athlete is accused of something, his teammates and manager usually support the player until the accusations are more deeply investigated. Basically, Dior just threw their star designer under the bus based on the word of strangers with no "reported" third party eyewitness account of the actual events. That ,to me, is the real issue at this stage of the game. Do you think Dior did the right thing? I bet the fashion conspiracy theorists are going nuts with potential schemes and dreams about what is really happening behind the scenes of this drama.   Scott Schuman

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