Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok, I must admit that reading a magazine is such an easy and delightful pleasure I have. But once a month, the only thing that get my attention are books. Believe me if you haven´t read this, do it! You will love them.
Actually 3 of them have turn into movies.
1. Some love it and others don´t. But aside the movie, Forrest Gump by Winston Groom is a very lovely and beautiful novel I couldn´t stop reading it when I start it.
2. A Civil Action is a very smart novel that if you remember the movie, was played by John Travolta, actually if you love Erin Brocovich you will also love this novel.
3. Who have not seen The Clockwork Orange? If you happen to be a Stanley Kubrick fan like me, you will adore the book, specially because it has the last chapter that was NOT included in the movie.What happened with Alex? You will found out here.
4. Lincon, The Biography of a writer, is a book obviously about the ex president of the U.S., but in this case it portraits the other side of Lincoln, as a writer and a book lover.

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