Monday, December 13, 2010

My wishlist

My wishlist for this year its very easy to get. Wanna share with you some of the items. 

 Also I invited a friend to share with us her wishlist, Look what Jessica Plankarte is expecting to get for this year. Visit Jessica´s blog La vida Loca HERE and follow her at twitter also. @jessicasevigny

1 comment:

  1. The CdG swetaer is interesting and the Burberry stunned jacket is something "wonderful", Bailey is giving the best of himse3lf in the last colelctions.

    But the really awesome thing is the McQueen bag. It's sad that it costs too much (5000 euros...) and also sad that it appeared on Net-a-Porter yesterday and after 5 minutes was disappeared (but not sold out, just disappeared). Btw, I lvoe the baroccan style of it and the mix between gold, red and crocodile brown leather!