Saturday, December 18, 2010

Diptyque: John Galliano

I didnt know the existance of this candle, a creation by Diptyque, with the "essence" of John Galliano. If you happen to think those candles are extremely expensive, well let me tell you that actually that way of thinking was the one I had until recently I get as a gift a candle from the kabbalah center, it cost not as much as the ones of Diptyque, the prize is around 40 usd, but then I think: is it really the actual cost of a candle that brights as same as a cheap one? Well, the difference is in the essence, believe me the candle by itself fills the space of my room without beeing burn. And it neeever stops smelling good. So the next time you feel you have enough shoes, go for candle shopping. You'll love it!

1 comment:

  1. the diea in itself it's good. But it's not so new and fresh: Gucci purposes on its website different kinds of candles since a lot of time and other designers did the same. BTW, the price is good if Galliano realizes himself the candle but it's not designed by crazy price!!