Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chloe Campaign Controversy

Did you heard about the controversy the new capaign of the Chloe´s perfume is causing? No?
Well, the story is that Raquel Zimmerman is wearing an YSL belt on the ad, I think it´s a little bit ridiculous to point things like this. I mean, c´mon, is really the belt the center point of this campaign? I don´t think and the photo is really great, so, why point a little detail like that? Also is reported that the coat she is wearing is not Chloe as well. The guilty of all these is the stylist Joe McKenna. Maybe, as I understand that the controversy is because the stylist for the shoot has given no answer, and no returning calls, which also is weird, because what? Is he going to jail? What do you think about these? In a world where miners are rescued and people is in other matters, should we care about these things? I think we should not.

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