Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you read september issue of Vanity Fair? No? How dare you! Lady Gaga is the cover this month, and really is a very nice interview, talking about sex, drugs, fame, her little monsters and how she handles fame in such an impressiva and natural way.
I really like the story about her Birkin bag and the reason she glue studs on it.
Some may love her, others hate her, but I really think she has become a pure idol and will be here for many many years.
But as I read the Annual 2010 best dressed list I have my own thoughts. Even though I like particularly John Galliano, Lady Gaga (duh) and Helena Bonham Carter, I guess those 3 great celebrities could had been changed for Anna Dello Russo or January Jones, maybe next year.

Also I want to show you my Audrey Hepburn´s book . An Elegant Spirit. A book that was written by her son Sean Ferrer, and of course there are many photos of her. Always very inspiring.

Theres a thought of her son, that says Audrey is the only one who could had wear a sack of potatoes and still looking great. Off course she never did, and certainly would had look like Gaga meets Proyect Runway debutant, I couldn´t help but wonder what would be of our lives without icons like her?

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  1. Gaga for Gaga.... love it!!!!
    Unos de mis post favoritos!!!