Monday, July 12, 2010

Fernando Noriega

To start my mexican stylish people section, im going to introduce you to Fernando Noriega, he is one of the upcoming talents in Mexico, and his career as an actor is very great, and is becoming step by step a great actor, as well as a very fashionable star around the country. He is in the TV Serie "Morir en Martes" and three years ago GQ named him one of the 10 best dressed men in Mexico. I have a little chat with him and here is a bit part of the little interview.
Define your style.
- I dont have one! I like to experiment a lot and I do like vintage.
-Whats your opinion of Mexican design?
I think is very good! There are so many labels offering very affordable clothes, specially in men clothes, where only few designers dare to make different stuff. But in the other hand, american and european labels dominate with factory designs in big proportions, which made it less exclusive. I hope they continue giving oportunity to fashion shows in Mexico, so they can be a platform for new designers.
-What about fashion blogs?
I havent been really drawn to them, but as any other blog I guess that the fact of expressing yourself gives you the chance to choose the things you want to consume, speaking of fashion and information.
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