Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daphne Guinness

After a long wait, here is my 2.0 return to my beloved blog, and what a come back! With none other than Miss Daphne Guiness!!!! What do u think about her? Dont u just love how outreagous she is? I mean, there are few women in this times that live and represent haute couture like in the old times, and she is one of them, loving always how risky she become when it comes to wear great gowns and outfits on fashion shows, events and red carpets. She create a scent in collaboration with Comme des Garcons. So, enjoy her!
Also I found this quick video of her, with a little explanation on what is she doing right now and what is she wearing. Loooove her!


  1. She is great, i love her choice of jewellery. She really knows how to wow the crowd.


  2. Nice pics. She is pretty and i love Kate Moss.