Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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What do you think when you see Anna Della Russo, editor in chief of Vogue Japan? Do you think she has style? Well, she has certainly opposite opinions; some people may think she is a great example of someone that can wear haute couture in a fabulous way, others, that she does nothing than wearing the gowns and clothes directly from the runway, exactly as the models wear it. I must confess I am a huge fan of hers, and I think that yes, she does wear the clothes maybe exactly as in the runways, but what I think is that not all the people can do that, in terms of style. So what opinion do you have about her? Love her or hate her?
Que pensez-vous lorsque vous voyez Anna Della Russo, éditeur en chef du Vogue Japon ? Pensez-vous qu’elle a du style ? Il y a sûrement différentes opinions ; certaines personnes pensent certainement qu’elle est un bon exemple de personne pouvant porter de la haute couture d’une façon fabuleuse, d’autres, doivent penser qu’elle ne fait rien d’autres que de porter les vêtements qui arrivent directement des défilés, exactement comme les mannequins le font. Je dois vous avouer que je suis une énorme fan d’elle, et je pense que oui, elle portent peut-être les vêtements exactement comme dans les défilés, mais ce que je pense aussi c’est que ce n’est pas donné à tout le monde de le faire aussi bien, en terme de style.Quelle opinion avez-vous d’elle ? L’aimez vous ou la détestez vous ?

Thanks Léa Girard for the translation =)


  1. she is A M A Z I N G!!!!! i love Anna dello Russo!

  2. I loooove your blog!It's fantastic!It's really inspiring!Wow!
    I adore all the dresses, especially the Lanvin!Such a juicy colour, reminds me of summer!


  3. thanks rai!! i cheked your blog, it really is great too!! take care, keep reading!

  4. I adore Anna! Always stylish and fabulous. I would love to see what she wears on her casual days though, like when she goes to the gym! I cant picture her in anything other then high fashion. Beautiful blog by the way xx

  5. She's great, her style is inspiring. My favorite vogue editor. You can post more about her, I'll be grateful. Nice blog, xx